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About the ASLA project 

ASLA is a decentralized exchange phase based on blockchain and smart agreements. The entire stage is controlled by their local token called the ASLA token. Token holders earn profits from stage sales every day. The standout differentiator of the ASLA project is its adaptability. The stage is structured in such a way that it is just as appealing and rewarding for beginners as it is for specialists in the field of crypto exchange. The stage has a multifaceted perspective with four elements. It combines ASLAtrade, ASLAdex, ASLAgames and ASLAmessenger.

The Asla Project will be an innovative project based on the smart contract and blockchain system of the TRON network. Asla Projec will be completely decentralized and will function for any type of investment, adding value and efficiency to a robust network at a fraction of the cost and speed of operation. transactions like this through their ASLA tokens, and Aga when holders freeze their ASLA tokens, all users will receive dividends and Aga tokens on a daily basis, providing even greater incentives as any product used in the Asla Projec ecosystem can be rewarded so users will have alternatives for but because through smart and innovative trading terminals that seek to expand decentralization,


so that all users simply click one “up” or “lower” button and wait for the result so hopefully the Asla Project considers informing clearly The risks will be known in advance, in this way The result of the bet will depend on the accuracy of the estimated price change for the selected asset, at the right time. There will be two options such as the forecast will and will generate profit, or it will be wrong and the transaction value will be disrupted, so that everyone will receive the ASLA token, which, when frozen, will accumulate daily dividends with the platform rotation in the TRX token which will become the currency alternative and secondary from the ASLAgames platform, because everyone will feel the satisfaction of participating in the Asla Project and the solution so everyone will receive ASLA tokens, which,

ASLAtrade Products:

This is the main item of ASLAproject. It is equipped with two incredibly basic and open crypto devices, thus making it the ideal open door for beginners and beginners alike. However, it has also promoted exchange functions which are also concerned with specialist exchanges. Strictly held by an exceptional agreement, ASLAtrade also offers first-class information guarantees.

Berita ASLAtrade – ASLAproject – Medium

Apart from that, he also possessed an extraordinary harm reduction technique. Every one a client needs to do when swapping at ASLAtrade is to place the bet – high or low, and after that just sit tight for the result. In the event that the bet is set correctly, the person makes a profit. If that is a surprise, at that stage the remuneration is offered by offering the local token, the ASLA token. When these tokens freeze, clients get daily profit from the change of stage in TRX tokens. Basically, the ASLA project raises the dealer with ASLA tokens, regardless of whether to benefit or make misfortune when exchanging on stage.

How do I connect the Tron wallet? 

Download and introduce one of the TRON wallets that TronWallet or Tronlink recommend using the connection below. Currently, portable versions of the TronLink and TronWallet wallets are accessible, as do the workspace of adding TronWallet and TronLink to the Google Chrome internet browser.

How do I work with the platform? 

There are two tabs at the top: Trading and Airdrops. In the first one, you can set the cost and choose a normal, up or down pattern heading. In the Trade Box segment, enter the TRX size you wish to spend on the current offer. The Pay on Win column shows the TRX size you will get if your bid is effective. You can freeze tokens earned due to exchanges and view the measurement on divergences which can be accessed by going to the “Airdrops” tab.

How do I mine ASLA tokens? 

By exchanging on our foundation, you get ASLA tokens. At the top of the “Airdrops” tab, you will find data on the amount of TRX you have to spend for offering to get 1 ASLA token. Mining complexity grows day by day, so early players have the opportunity to progressively earn ASLS.

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