BRND Token

loyalty tokens issued by brands and sent to clients as gifts

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BRND Tokens, the main tokens of the Brand Tokens ecosystem, are Tokens as a Service (TaaS. Businesses can create their own unique tokens (xB) on the Brand Token network. With their own unique tokens, businesses can easily reward their customers without changing the brand image they.We help users get more fun, better offers and new ways to provide valuable feedback to brands. The token data aggregation enables new ways of exploration and distribution of content, making recommendations from friends more valuable and trustworthy.

About Brand Tokens?

Brand Token is an all in one platform to manage all your brand token needs. Eject your ERC20 token based on blockchain-based loyalty Register on our exchange.Easily integrate tokens into your service. Notify your clients with tokens and reward them in return.


Traditional loyalty and reward programs are at a crossroads as a result of the inability to adapt and meet the demands of customers. Users register for a loyalty program in the hope that it will increase their earning ability, transparent requirements, and ease of exchange, but often face a complicated process of getting a prize and find it increasingly difficult to spend. Instead of producing loyal customers, this loyalty reward program actually causes losses in the company’s revenue and customers. Some of the main problems include the following:●  Postponement of cash back prizesCashback rewards are easy, but some companies still make it complicated. Prize money back in the form of rebates, and most cards require holders to log in to the issuing bank’s website to redeem as cash back on their statements. There are times when options involve sending checks, and this requires more delays. Only a few banks allow automatic redemption.●  Functional restrictionsSome loyalty programs have certain limitations. Only certain locations are available at certain times. Thus, consumers must ensure they have enough points to redeem their points. Such gifts cannot be replaced for something else, so consumers redeem or ignore points. Consumers must first consider whether they get value or need to wait.●  There is no profitable infrastructureOrganizations like longer redemption periods, compliance with requirements such as the purchase of certain goods to increase their sales. This scenario shows that there is a disconnect between consumer needs and organizational needs. Part of the problem is the lack of a favorable infrastructure for issuing, tracking, and making systems more efficient for organizations and consumers.Other issues include the following:account inactivity – due to a suspended gift, users lose interest and engagement. This makes their loyalty account inactive.● low redemption rates – unclaimed benefits are recorded as a liability on the company’s balance sheet.● no transparency – the client has no insight into the total supply points in circulation, etc.● high transaction and system management costs – often high costs for creating and maintaining loyalty programs.● incompatible systems – it is difficult to integrate the two systems into one.● high customer acquisition costs – businesses tend to spend more on customer acquisition.● no liquidity – points cannot be exchanged for anything other than prizes.

The solution

Further research shows that giving customers more autonomy and options in terms of loyalty structure, flexibility when to redeem, relevant infrastructure, automatic exchanges, fast channels, and gift tokens such as cash will help overcome market problems. With the help of blockchain technology, the needed solutions can be provided. Brand Tokens are building tools that enable organizations and companies to issue and manage their own brand tokens.Unlike other existing loyalty programs, we offer a high level of flexibility, exchange of automation, and monetary value rewards. Our solution is the only one because we are the first to make this step in the loyalty industry. With our outstanding block chain based solutions, businesses will be able to make their own tokens on the Brand Token network. With this newly created token, every business will be able to reward their customers or clients on a platform that is safe, transparent and efficient.BRND and xB tokens can be exchanged with other digital assets in the Brand Token platform. Businesses also accept tokens as a means of payment. Users can hold it as a digital asset and trade with other digital assets such as Bitcoin. This increases the usefulness of BRND and xB tokens and makes them universally accepted. They are also portable because they are in the user’s digital wallet. The ability to easily generate BRND and xB tokens can be exchanged giving them more value and utility than any other tokens in the industry today.

How does it work?

The BRND token is designed as a TaaS. The TaaS model presents an innovative model that allows companies to utilize blockchain capabilities without dealing with obstacles, risks, and technical obstacles associated with making and owning tokens. Our business model brings together the progress of the blockchain and the emergence of crypto economics to empower all our token holders and create a better reward system. By registering with the Brand Token network and acquiring the BRND Token, which is the key token that runs the network, businesses can make their own unique tokens (xB).Every business can use their unique xB to value their customers in a more efficient way. We offer businesses the opportunity to have their own unique tokens without going through all the technical challenges and costs of creating tokens from scratch. Our platform has made it very easy for every business to give a gift to their customers with a coin of their choice. In this way, every business maintains their brand unlike other loyalty platforms that implement a single common token for all businesses. The fact that every business can make their own tokens on our platform makes us stand out among competitors. Actually, we are pioneering in this effort.When a business has created their own token, it is hoped that the business will encourage their customers to become part of the network. With a unique token, each customer is easily valued for every business activity or task performed. Customers are valued in tokens, which have a monetary value, and are stored in the customer’s wallet on the platform. With tokens, customers can buy goods or services from certain businesses as well as convert to BRND, BTC, ETH and FIAT. In this way, a business can confidently build stronger relationships with their customers, and customers can be easily valued in a far more efficient way.How can I get more token using? The best way to use it
To collect more tokens, you can check how your favorite brands distribute tokens to their users in their subpages. Trading is another way to get more from tokens, but trading is associated with risk. You can make or lose money, so you can’t trade if you don’t know what you are doing.
Do these tokens have real money value? If so, how many tokens are equivalent to one dollar?
Your tokens can have a monetary value, only if they are traded on the market / exchange. Only then can people buy or sell your tokens. The price / value of your token is then determined by the market, which actually means the same value as someone willing to pay for it. To find out what your token price is, check the last trade in your token market. There is no fixed value, and you cannot force it to be fixed.
How can I finish my token? What can I get for them?
Your token is a gift like cash, which means that each token has a value, which you can spend as you wish. On the Brand Token platform you can also redeem for products, services, or bonuses of your choice. How to register
Using this link  You can register for the application beta test.

How Does Blockchain Help

Jaringan loyalitas cenderung mahal untuk dijalankan dan melibatkan inefisiensi tertentu yang sering menyebabkan periode pembayaran yang lama. Selain itu, ada ketidakpastian dari perusahaan yang menjalankan program loyalitas, apakah itu menguntungkan pengguna seperti seharusnya. Blockchain sangat mengurangi biaya pengoperasian jaringan loyalitas. Hanya biaya awal pengaturan dan manajemen sistem yang diperlukan. Penipuan dan kesalahan adalah penyebab utama meningkatnya biaya. Dengan memanfaatkan blockchain, perusahaan dapat meningkatkan visibilitas transaksi, sehingga meningkatkan transparansi dan kemampuan audit sistem.

Blockchain menawarkan proposisi nilai unik berikut untuk industri imbalan loyalitas:

● Keamanan yang lebih baik:by using a blockchain, member data is stored cryptographically on the secure blockchain itself rather than relying on a centralized third party. Blockchain Brand Tokens are managed through distributed nodes, reducing the possibility of a single point of failure. Furthermore, one party cannot manipulate and change member details, such as the prize amount.●  High privacy:Member’s wallet is not managed by a third-party company but has direct access to member accounts on the blockchain. Only members have the power to change their personal details. Each member will have their own private key which they use to access their personal wallet. Merchants can receive payments by displaying their public key. Private and public keys on the blockchain do not display the names and personal details of members or users. This means they are pseudonyms.●  Better use:Blockchain-based loyalty rewards are earned and redeemed in a faster process than the current state in the industry. Because digital tokens exist exclusively on the blockchain, it’s easy to verify and allocate prizes in a fast and efficient way.●  Fast payment:The BRND loyalty network is not complicated and adopts fast payments. Businesses can easily pay for their individual tokens (xB). Loyalty rewards take a long time, months and years to get an award. Tokens Brand Network is easy to effectively promote network adoption and growth.●  Interchangeable:One of the main problems in the loyalty award industry today is the lack of flexibility in how users receive their gifts. For example, when certain companies issue gifts, they can only be redeemed at certain locations or points of sale. This makes them wasteful.

BRND: Redefining the Loyalty Program

Company OU was established in Estonia, Headquarters in Warsaw Poland, to explore and discover advanced technology that will improve people’s lives. Our company has made a step into a different technology field, and we are already in the planning stage to expand into the global market. We are building an exchange platform and loyalty network that utilizes blockchain technology to reflect the use of modern loyalty networks.

Benefits of Brand Token Platforms

For customersToday’s customers want to be rewarded instantly, and if they don’t feel the small urge of endorphins, they won’t catch and get involved. This is very important during the first experience with the brand. By using tokens, they can be valued instantly because they will receive valuable tokens that can be redeemed or sold immediately. Receiving a token feels like getting cash.Token values ​​are valued in real time, so they can even become active players in the brand market. If there is a strong incentive provided by the brand, users can be involved not only through purchases but also by trading tokens. Thanks to a model where each brand has its own token, users can benefit from price differences. This means that at any time, there will be many things to do with the brand. If the price of a given token loses its value due to several reasons, the transaction also becomes cheaper, giving the client a better deal.● Many Brands in one place – get the most out of what you get!● Instant and transferable prizes – tokens at realtime prices● Many good and special transactions for everyone● Friends on the board – share caring – buy together even cheaper● A token wallet that is managed with friends and family● Better User Experience – more fun● Play & Win and Play & Get programs for tokenized members● Additional promotions are inaccessible to unspoken users

Why BRND Tokens

One of the core values ​​that drives BRND is sharing prosperity with all stakeholders who have contributed to the growth of its ecosystem. Instead of having a small company that shares profits with only a few directors, we believe this type of network arrangement is better.Because we allow brands to make their own tokens on our platform, which are xB tokens, we offer them unique personal loyalty program opportunities that are easy and cost-effective to run. In this way, we are changing the loyalty management market.We also encourage brands that are our partners to buy BRND tokens with special requirements. Every brand that has staked 1 million BRND for a minimum of 1 year will be rewarded with a free premium subscription for maintaining their bets. In this way our members will provide funds for the further development of the services they will use.ABOUT OUR ICOThe Tokens Brand Platform plans to conduct an ICO to raise funds for future product development.Investing in a brand is always a good idea, but it can be very risky. What about investing in thousands? Minimize risk and become a Brand Token investor – the first global multi-brand loyalty application.Why do you have to invest in BRND?

  • Limited supply, rising prices
  • Exchange listings are guaranteed by
  • Experienced International Team
  • Buy back from profit, see business models in whitepapers
  • Subscribe for free premium for brands that risk 1mln BRND tokens

Token BRND

BRND Token SpecificationsSYMBOLBRNDTOTAL SUPPLY1.000.000.000DESIMAL18BLOCKCHAINEthereum – ERC20Token InfoAlthough each brand can make their tokens, BRND is a token from the Brand Token platform. This will be used in our ecosystem as a means of payment for:Promoted promotion.Games and challenges for users.As a gift for brands and users.Affiliate gift.The main demand will be generated by the repurchase mechanism. This means that a portion of the revenue will be intended to buy back tokens from the market. Repurchased tokens will be burned, which will reduce the total supply of circulating BRND tokens.

Token Sales

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2020 Q1 ● Brandtokens OU Company is established in Estonia as a software and technology company ● A new website that allows Sign-Up for Brands and Users with the opportunity to subscribe to favorite brand tokens. ● preICO is open to internal clients (limited edition to only 100 million tokens ). Q2 ● A selection system for users to decide which Brands they welcome on the platform. ● ICO – 400 million tokens in distribution. ● The first 1,000 Brands in the system.
Q3 ● Mock application ● Launch of a loyalty program based on tokens with BRND and xB for beta testers and early adopters.Q4 ● Platform open to every company, massive on-boarding ● Marketing offer, brand growth and user base ● Launching Automation Tools Marketing for Brands. 2021Q1 ● Creating AI-powered profiles, new quality in Marketing Automation ● Platform development.Q2 ● ICO Round 2. ● Intensive marketing platform.Q4 ● BRND Tokens registered on the exchange platform ● Buy back BRND tokens for the first time ● Platform development .


Robert Wesker: CEO & Co-Founder of Szczepan Bentyn: COO & Co-founder of Mohanraj MS: CTOTomasz Rozmus: CBDMarta Lapacz: Business DeveloperMustafa Dahdouh: UX / UILirdi Cani Designer: Project Manager Zofia Pacholczyk: Social Media Manager Khaled Mouhssine: International Business Manager

For more accurate information, visit the link below:

● Website:● Medium Pages:● Telegram:● Twitter: ● Facebook: ● Whiteboard: .pdf● Reddit: jembitLink:;u=2651681Ethereum address  :  0xEe0a16df2deD507C2Bad6af32d4EE90d6cBb19bA

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