GLDS is a multifunctional tool that can be used in many ways.

 INTRODUCTION Gold is the most elastic, all the same. Gold is an individual of changed metal and seated at the same table occasionally as silver and copper. Social affair where gold can be found is usually called the metal coin group because individuals are usually used to making cash. Gold, in fact, is one of the major metals known to man as far back as 3400 BC by the Egyptians. 

Three important reasons to buy gold

There are 3 common reasons for buying gold for investors: they use it actively as a hedge fund, a safe haven or direct investment. Let’s see how this can be helpful to you.Gold is a hedge. Hedges are investments that offset losses in other asset classes. Some people buy gold to hedge against a particular currency’s decline, especially the US dollar. Gold is the best hedge against the stock market crash, according to statistics in different historical periods. For example, gold prices increased from $ 347.20 to $ 833.75 per ounce between 2002 and 2007. At the same time, the dollar price fell 40% to the euro.Gold is a safe place. Safe haven is an instrument to protect capitalists from sudden disaster. And many people buy gold when they have to deal with the financial crisis. This is a rational decision: for example, the 2011 debt crisis led to serious increases in gold prices. From $ 869.75 in 2008 to $ 1895 in September 2011.Gold is a direct investment. This way to buy gold let’s take advantage of future price increases. Investors hope to profit as a result of various economic and political factors that may affect the rise in gold prices. WHAT IS Gdigit (GLDS)? Gdigit (GLDS) is a project that provides high-tech synergy with high-tech economies – that is, with extraction of gold and other precious metals. The difference between the project and its analogue is that each GLDS token has a gold equivalent (0.02 grams of gold), which provides high stability and attractiveness of investment. GLDS is based on existing business to develop gold ore and placer deposits in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kalbatau Inter Gold LLP and NURSULTAN GOLD LLP are part of GoLd Didital Standart Corporation Limited. The farm owned by our company is located in the Eastern Kazakhstan region of the country. The company runs a completely legitimate business with transparent accounting and reporting. Digitals that reflect production results at GLDS exchange rates. GLDS is the first cryptocurrency project in the world to establish a highly synergistic relationship between digital technology and real economics, namely, gold mining. In our project, blockchain technology is used to make gold mining more transparent and efficient. Gold, in turn, supports GLDS tokens with investment stability and attractiveness. Invest in GLDS GLDS tokens are multifunctional instruments that can be used in many ways. The intrinsic value of the GLDS token comes from gold parity. Each GLDS holder holds 0.02 grams of gold. The GLDS nominal price is 1 dollar, but as long as the ICO token is available for purchase at a discount. This effectively means that our early token users buy the best available gold in the market. Life in the digital world Blockchain technology ● 2300 Cryptocurrency According to Coinmarketcap, this is the world’s largest cryptocurrency today. ● 12000 pcs ASIC miners This is the number of ASIC miners operating on the largest mining farm in Northeast China. ● 7 Liberland region 7 square kilometers is the total territory of the Free Republic of Indonesia Liberland, a country that has proclaimed Bitcoin as its reserve currency. ● 100000+ The lines of code Is how many lines of code exist in the most famous cryptocurrency on the planet.  Closed ICO rounds At the end of 2019, the pre-sale is held within the framework of collecting 1,000,000 USD (1,000,000 GLDS tokens sold, accounting for 50% of the bonus – 1,500,000 GLDS). First round of ICO 1. The main ICO round begins February 15, 2020 and will be split into several stages. 2. The main ICO round will be completed on August 15, 2020 or earlier, if all tokens are sold.3. In total, 12.5 million GLDS tokens will be prepared for sale. 4. At the same time, the project offers customers a fun bonus system. 5. This system actually gives investors more bonuses when buying. 6. When selling the first 4,000,000 GLDS, the buyer will receive a 25% bonus (the bonus paid by the project token to the user’s wallet. 7. Bonus tokens will remain frozen until 12/05/2020) The next 5,000,000 GLDS buyers will receive a 20% bonus (the bonus paid by the project token to the user’s wallet. 8. Bonus tokens will remain frozen until 12/15/2020) When selling the remaining 1,500,000 GLDS, the buyer will receive a 10% bonus (the bonus paid by the project token to the user’s wallet. 9. Bonus tokens will remain frozen until 12/25/2020) 

 Placement Token ● Issues – 15,000,000 GLDS ● 1 GLDS = 0.02 g of gold ● 83% of ICOs go up ● 10% personal sales ● 5.5% Team ● 1.5% gift 


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