DAIN is a next generation artificial intelligence platform on bitcoin

Artificial intelligence is part of software engineering that wants to build a kanny machine. Innovation has become an important part of business. Man-made research about brain power is very special and concentrated. The main problems of artificial intelligence are, for example, Knowledge, Reasoning, Problem Solving, Perception, Learning, Planning and Control and Moving Objects;Unrest caused by humans has begun, and assembly, transportation, retail, money, entertainment, education and related associations change the central procedures and action plans to be exploited. AI in particular does not change AI’s initiatives and organization, but accepts extraordinary work in our daily lives. How we walk, what we choose to eat, the amount we pay for drinks usually depends on AI regulations.Although the impact is enormous on the community and great interest, it is difficult to understand because of the diverse nature of AI and its needs. Organizations and experts are not set for major abuse. These conditions mainly affect the most traditional organizations that work in the midst of problematic change. To ensure a reasonable, simple and agile combination of AI in the public eye, an open tool that addresses the boundaries of this division is needed to benefit both from the organization and their clients.This is a decentralized AI! As I move forward, I see three giant AI conditions decentralized than ordinary AI:1. Dependence on insignificant immobility or regulatory relationships2. Preparations are made more or less decentralized3. Lower Power Consumption or again, trust in organizationsDAIN is the most advanced technology. He has expertise in handling and completing stages of artificial intelligence and man-made awareness, a decentralized and geographically dispersed open formation system represented by an artificial block development system. DAIN enables their productive use in processing their assets from any gadget found anywhere on the planet to handle complex AI problems related to complex computing operations. This rewards equipment owners and creates AI commercial centers where organizations with similar needs can organize or find jointly.DAIN does not have its own determining assets. Instead, it uses free registration assets from any PC or gadget, from personal data centers to PDA and IoT devices. These asset assets are then compensated without an intermediary owner.

our mission

– Democratized AIAI came out of the safe. There is no limit to information, transactional assets, information or time to destroy AI.– Removing adaptation models.Create a new information-based revenue stream on your model without losing control, ownership, or attention.– New business models and relationships. TradingSelected resources and management between the organization and the customer / client.DAIN allows organizations to create new action plans, generate new relationship models and new revenue streams with their customers, and offer protected areas where they can safely sell, spend and implement AI, sell, rent and present information, regulations, information, and fundamental.How can DAIN be compared to the cerebrum?Each user can teach the brain how to do certain tasks and then ask these tasks to be executed. Likewise, other users can request the same task to be executed, as long as the first user has ordered the brain to allow others to access this knowledge.The brain will remember all the tasks learned and continue to improve its performance. Finally, it can perform a number of tasks simultaneously, with its size limit only. The brain has the potential for unlimited growth by adding more computing devices. Like the natural brain, it must consume energy to do any task. In this case, energy is a gift given to the owner of the device.To spearhead this transformation, we are building DAIN.DAIN enables the efficient utilization of computing resources from any device located anywhere in the world, without intermediaries, to solve complex AI computing problems. This rewards hardware owners and establishes an AI market where companies with similar needs can provide or find joint solutions.

DAIN Ecosystem

  • With DAIN, organizations of all sizes will have access to register their assets to address problematic problems and show an interest in aggressive spending and the rise of AI.
    – Companies will have the choice to consume pre-production AI models created and prepared by other DAIN members who choose to be placed in the system.
    – DAIN There is no limit to information, asset registration, information or time to be spent on an AI model that will democratize to achieve AI.
    – Manufacturers will have the option to adapt AI models that have been created for their own use or are produced for environmental use.
    – They will have the option to generate new revenue streams from their information by enabling the preparation of an external model. Simultaneously, they will never have to share this information or lose their orders.
    – Producer organizations will have the opportunity to generate income from the limits of determining their extra data centers by using their assets.
    – End customers will have the option to generate revenue by selling additional vehicle registration limits. They will have the option to pay interest on these vehicles using their cellphones.

DAIN tokens are legally dependent on the intensity of the system detection. The reference file is defined to evaluate the processing power of the system: DIPS (DAIN Performance Index Standards). Each request for assistance desired by the system can be identified by a DIPS number that speaks to the recording power that is evaluated which must be completed.DAIN identifiers (DAINT) are defined as process boundaries that allow 1 DIPS assistance to be requested in each dynamic Minimum Resource Cell in the system. 1 DAINT = 1 DIPS x #MRCsDAIN tokens (DAINT) are marked as processing limits that enable the implementation of 1 DIPS assistance request, in each dynamic Minimum Resource Cell in the system. 1 DAINT = 1 DIPS x  #MRCsAllocation Tokens
– Sales Token Public
– DainWare
DainWare is the organization responsible for the development and continual improvement of the base
Dain – DainServices DainServices is an administrative organization that offers several benefits including setting the top Dain to corporate customers and use cases of the use
– Gifts and Community
– Team and Advisor
We just started, but everything has been mapped and planned. Learn about the next steps.
2018 Q3
DAIN network conceptualized
2018 Q4
DAIN technical design completed
2019 Q1
Agreement with Universidad Pontificia de Comillas to fund the DAIN
2019 research project Q2
DainWare funded the
White Paper issuing
Funds collected from 8 angel investors
Advisor Board
2019 Q3
Agreement with SecondWindow to provide development workforce
We are here
2019 Q4
IEO 1.0
Token Private Sale
Telefónica & Eleven Paths LoI out of
2020 Q1
IEO 2.0 with additional exchanges for wider range.
Research Articles Publication
PoC Industrial Use Case
2020 Q2
2020 Q4
launch Conceptnet
Release Demo
DainServices manages
service providers and integrators Go-to-market service providers and integrators
DAIN Team consists of professionals with extensive experience in startups, entrepreneurship and multinational companies big. We are also proud to have the support of collaborators from various sectors and the academic world.
José Ramón García Luque
Co-founder & CEO of
Cognitive & AI Architect at Sabadell Bank
Luis Garcia San Luis
CIO at Deutsche Bank SAE
Carlos Díaz Conde
Business Development & Strategic Alliances
Jesús García San Luis
CTO & Founder 8g Analytics
Technology Advisor LossLessLinen
Luis Garcia Lorente
Founder Promptwave
(ICEX Innovation Award)
Strategic Advisory Counsel and Judge  @Startup  Europe Awards
Andrés Contreras Guillen
Research Solutions & Services Team
José Luis Gahete Díaz
Professor at Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid ICAI-ICADE
David Contreras Bárcena
Director of the Department of Telematics and Computing at Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid ICAI-ICADE
David Alfaya
Professor of Departemen Matematika Terapan Sekolah Teknik ICAI
Alejandro García San Luis
Professor of Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid ICAI-ICADE
Israel Alonso Martínez
Professor of Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid
Tim Penasihat ICAI-ICADE
Francesc Fajula De Quintana
Direktur Buka Inovasi di Banco Sabadell
Roberto Nuñez Rio
Pendiri di Why? Pelatihan give HubIT Digital
Marcos De Pedro
CEO of myClouddoor
Covadonga Fernández
Direktur of Observatory Blockchain
José Salamanca
COO of UST Global Spain & LATAM
Jorge Alonso
Direktur Umum of Second Window
Ricardo Usaola
Regional Vice President – Iberia MuleSoft Sales at Salesforce
Valentin Galan
Channel and Alliance Regional Partner Director at Mulesoft, a Salesforce Manager,
Juan Boquera
Operations Manager at The Cocktail
Juan Antonio Sánchez Cañibano
Chief Digital Sales Services Specialist
Jorge Aponte
Influencer Blockchain & Crypto | Global Busines Developer

For more information, please visit the link below:Website:  https://dain.ai/
Whitepaper:  https://dain.ai/docs/DAIN – Whitepaper_ENG.pdf
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/dainware
Twitter:  https://twitter.com / dainware
Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/dain
Telegram: https://t.me/dainwareLink:   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2651681

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